North Canton Birthday Portraits/Jude is 5

Birthday Portraits/ Jude is 5 !!!

I can’t believe Jude’s 5th birthday is finally here! We had so much fun this year taking his birthday portraits. Jude is my only child, so I always find time to have a photo shoot with him every year around his birthday. I hate the fact that his birthday is in February when it’s usually blistery cold. I would much rather a hot, Summer day with some gorgeous golden light- but we have to make the most of what we got! This year I wanted something different, cool, and unique- just like Jude.

We went to McKinley Park on a snowy day and he got to see the McKinley monument for the first time, and the little “waterfall”. Downtown Canton gave us a colorful, city look. We explored MAPS air museum and had the place to ourselves! Lastly, I took him to a place that I used to frequent years ago, the North Canton laundromat. It was his first time in a laundromat, so he wasn’t sure what to think, other than he loved the claw machine! We, of course, didn’t win a toy but I doubt anyone ever does at that game!

Jude has changed so much over the years, and I can’t wait to see what his future holds. He loves taking pictures and says one day he is going to work for me. I would love that more than anything!

Happy 5th Birthday, my sweet boy! 


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Thank you so much to Sugarfuse!  for the most PERFECT cake!

Jude has had “Sissy” (his white stuffed animal) since he was a baby. I asked them to make a cat, lego cake & they nailed it!


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