Maria & Tanner- Canton Winter Wedding

Maria and her bridesmaids started the day off at Scott Talbot Salon in Canton. I have been there numerous times with wedding parties, and I will say- they never disappoint! The stylists there are top notch at hair and makeup. Maria and the girls sported custom robes, and Maria even had custom slippers. After the salon, everyone headed to the church to get ready. Although we were hoping for some snow, the weather turned out to be very comfortable, which is always nice for outdoor portraits.

Maria was one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen, and her dress was simply spectacular! We were able to get outside before the ceremony and capture some shots in the church courtyard, where no guests could see us.  Tanner and Maria did not see each other before the ceremony, which made that walk down the aisle extra special for both of them. It was very emotional seeing Maria’s father give her away. She is the only daughter, with three brothers. You can tell her relationship with her dad is a special one. The church was very cozy and decorated for Christmas. After the ceremony, Maria and Tanner did a sparkler exit before heading to Carriage Hill for bridal party pictures. We went there for Maria and Tanner’s engagement session back in September, and since it was right down the road from the church, we decided it made sense to go back there on the wedding day. We only had a short amount of time outside because the sun was setting fast, but the property there is gorgeous.

After the photo session, we headed for the final destination of the night, Shady Hollow Country Club. It was beautifully decorated in gold and blush tones, and the room had uplighting, which is always a nice touch. Maria’s father surprised everyone with singing along to the country hit ” I loved her first”, which was one of the sweetest things a dad could do! The catering was fantastic, and the DJ Crew had the party going all night! I don’t think the wedding day could have gone any better!

Maria and Tanner, you are such a great couple! I hope you love the preview!






Church: John Knox Presbyterian Church

Reception Venue: Shady Hollow Country Club

Other Locations: Carriage Hill

Bridal Gown/Bridesmaids Dresses: Doreen Leaf Designs

Menswear: Jabbour’s Clothing

Hair/Makeup: Scott Talbot

Florist: Acme

Limo: BVIP Limousine Service

Ceremony Music: PJ Chavez

Cake: Buehler’s

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