Jude is 4 !

It’s hard to believe we’re celebrating Jude’s fourth birthday today! For those of you that don’t know, Jude is my favorite and cutest child! Well, and my only child! He is compared to Dennis the Menace. Not just because of his blond hair and blue eyes, but also his behavior. He is an extremely strong willed, stubborn, rebellious and bossy R.A.S.C.A.L.  I should have known I had it coming! Just a payback from my teen years maybe?! Even though he’s a wild child, he is a momma’s boy 100%. If I had a pouch like a kangaroo, he would be my little joey. Seriously, he goes where I go, sits on me, and has to fall asleep (usually holding my hand). He is very affectionate, and I love it while it lasts. I have somehow been able to stay home with him this entire four years, and run my business. I never in a million years wanted to be a stay at home mom, but the cards just fell into place. It saddens me knowing that once he starts school, that’s it. The life that we have as two peas will end. I hope he always thinks I’m his best friend (or one of them), and knows he will always be the love of my life.

Jude came into this world as a fighter, and I know his personality is going to make him a leader one day. I hope he follows me into photography, or at least promises to help me on occasion. I know he will one day leave to go out into the world. I hope I can teach him everything I can before that day comes.

Happy Birthday, Jude!


He goes nowhere without his blankie and stuffed cat “Sissy”.

He took my phone to take a picture of me, taking a picture.

Yellow is currently his favorite color. He has a lemon obsession going on!

He LOVES his John Deere tractor! We’re wanting to get him a Gator this Summer.

He is a replica of Papa Klodt in this flannel. Everyone compares him to my Dad, Larry.

Jude gets the dislike of pants from me, along with the wild hair! 

Jude loves donuts so much, I decided to do a “donut smash” . He was actually pretty picky about what ones he ate!

It’s got to be annoying being a photographer’s kid !!  I take all the pictures from the year and print them in an album, so one day they will be passed on to him. I hope he can look back at these memories and smile, like I do!

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