Wife. Mom. Photographer. Artist. 

Meet Jessica

Wife. Mom. Photographer. Artist. 

Hello, my name is Jessica! I married my best friend, Jon, in August 2012. We have a cat named Felicia, who we consider our fur baby, and we welcomed a baby boy named Jude in February 2014. At an early age, I knew the art of photography was my passion in life. I bought my first semi-pro film camera at the age of thirteen, and went on to study at The Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology. 

I treat every wedding as if it is the best day in my life, not just my clients. I get emotionally connected to the day and often find myself tearing up during some aspect of the day. (Handwritten vows get me every time!) A wedding is molded into many meetings, phone calls, emails, engagement sessions, opinions, even advice. I like to leave the night feeling as if I've gained a new friend. 


dark roast coffee.

The beatles.


My favorite things

There is absolutely no way I could start the day without my ½ pot of coffee! I’m a cream & sugar kind of girl. the stronger = the better

Living in Ohio, there really is only 3 months of greatness. June-August. Summertime here is glorious. Green grass, beautiful sunsets, bonfires and staying light outside until 9:00. If all year could be as perfect, I would never want to move.

I grew up listening to the fab four thanks to my dad. Let it Be is one of my all-time favorites, and I have that phrase tattooed on my side. When I found out I was pregnant with a boy, the first name that came to mind was Jude. The name fits him like a glove! 

If you’ve known me at all since I was 13, you’d know I nap about every day. I have always been a night owl, and nothing makes me happier than my comfy bed!


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